Embracing Technological Transformation: 5 Key Insights from IFPG’s Regional Roundup

Nov 7, 2023

5 min read


In the ever-evolving world of retail, change is the only constant. Staying competitive and relevant requires organizations to fully embrace technological transformation versus resisting it as an expense. Last week, Sean Quinn, CEO of All Point, took the stage at IFPG’s regional conference to take on the topic of how to embrace technology as a catalyst versus a cost. Based on insights from decades supporting franchises businesses, here’s the top five takeaways: 

  1. Technological Change Stems from Your Operations: To kickstart a game-changing technological transformation, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and dig into your operations. Don’t shy away from those pain points…they’re your golden ticket to innovation. Instead of treating technology like a dreaded expense, see it for what it truly is—a rocket for supercharging your retail business’ capabilities.  
  2. Tackling the Challenge of Platform Friction: A common hairball in the adoption of new franchise technology sits within the friction caused by having multiple platforms. This mess doesn’t just mess with your customers–it’s a pain for your team too. Mitigate it by bringing in a platform agnostic, seasoned and savvy 3rd party navigator to guide you through the stickiest issues and decisions. Together, you can transform those tech headaches into powerful opportunities for growth and innovation. 
  3. Achieving Elastic Commerce: Elastic commerce is what happens when you eradicate operational friction, both internally and externally for your customers. It empowers your organization to change course quickly, which is critical in today’s ever-changing retail landscape. Whether it’s curveballs like the whole COVID situation or the constant shift towards mobile commerce, when you wield the power of elastic commerce, you can pivot on a dime, driven by real-time business smarts. It’s all about staying one step ahead! 
  4. Streamlining Franchise Operations with a Unified Platform: In the world of franchises, nailing down consistency is the name of the game. Franchisors, also known as Zors, are all on the hunt for one magic platform that can serve up standardization, scalability, rock-solid support, and real time reporting. Franchisees, or Zees, have their own wish list. They want flexibility, a direct line to customer data, and reports that fit their unique franchises like a custom-tailored suit. All Point recommends a tech solution that can support both, ensuring a sweet spot that meets everyone’s needs equally.  
  5. Hijacking the Hesitation to Change: Making the bold choice to fully embrace technological transformation can feel like an uphill battle for many organizations. It’s often marked by a hesitation Quinn refers to “decision constipation,” stemming from the reluctance to let go of substantial past investments, difficulty seeing a new path forward, and the shackles of timing and budget constraints. Don’t get bogged down in product specs alone. Seek out partners who bring comprehensive solutions to the table. They’re the ones who can help you break free from that tech-induced gridlock and chart a course toward innovation and growth. 

With the right help, you can confront and conquer your most formidable operational challenges. Recognize technology for what it truly represents—an investment in the future of your retail business! 


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