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As steeped as we are in the retail IT trenches, we like making both our presence and our perspectives known. Learn a little bit more about what we’re up to, what we’re thinking about and who we’re making things happen for here!

Are you looking at the big picture and doing the right things to maximize your business? For both today and tomorrow?

The Insights Retailing today is about managing the big picture…and and having the tools to do it with very little sweat equity. The challenge is that even if you’re technically

Are you supporting customer’s needs in whatever channel they choose, whenever they choose to do it?

The Insights A lot of retailers don’t understand what omnichannel really means to shoppers today. Often, they think that if they have a brick and mortar store and a website,

2023 Growth Planning & Goal Setting: Did you save a seat at the table for us?

All of these considerations should be  part of the conversations you and your team are having, and we at All Point have them every single day with our client partners–especially at this time

Is your staff supported, motivated, and creating a great experience for your customers?

The Insights Fact is, you can’t control what’s happening in the world…but you CAN control what’s happening in your store! The trick is to figure out how to get great

Are you optimizing your inventory to move at maximum profit?

The Insights There’s a difference between good retailing and great retailing. Anyone can stock shelves, make them pretty and be in business. To maximize your profit, however, you simply have

Who’s stealing from you, how are they doing it, and how much is going out the door?

The Insights To catch an associate stealing from you, you first have to first understand their methods, and there are four of them that you most need to be aware

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